Coffee-induced Shopping Spree!

Yes, that is right.  I was hyped up on a bunch of coffee and bought a ton of books from my local Barnes N’ Noble.  Of course, they didn’t actually have the one book I went in to buy, which kind of irked me.  But of course, I found a crap-ton more books I wanted to read!  And I will post what I purchased here.

But first, I won a couple items from book promo contests I participated in.  One from Kory M. Shrum and one from Bella Andre.  I posted those fangirl moments on my personal blog (A Coffee Addict’s Tangents) in case you want to see them.

As for my shopping spree, I had gone to get the new book by J.R. Ward.  The King was sold out!  How sad is that.  As an aside, I don’t mind and even enjoy reading e-books, especially since it helps save space.  But I absolutely adore paper books.  I mean, seriously.  And when one of my favorite authors comes out with a book, I have to go buy it!  Hence, my shopping spree that left me with like 10 books, but not the one I went to buy.

So without further ado, here’s the books I picked up!

By Larissa Ione

Bound by Night

A new series by Larissa Ione (was released in September, but I’m a little behind!) which I’m dying to get into.  I loved her Demonica world!  And speaking of, book 2 by Larissa Ione that I picked up –


I’ve been dying to pick this book up and almost caved and bought the e-book, but I have all of the Demonica world in paper… I wanted paper for this book.  Also, a little behind picking this up, I had enough to read so didn’t go out for it when it was released in December.

Next, by Yasmine Galenorn – (also seriously behind on her series, I have been seriously caught up in indie authors and such lately… bad Jade!)

Night Seeker

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m behind by like a year.  And the second book by Yasmine –

Night Vision

Yup, same series.  And don’t throw things, but I have yet to read the Otherworld by Yasmine Galenorn.  But I am in love with Grieve.  Like a lot.

And onward to the next books.  By Sherrilyn Kenyon

StyxxOoooh.  All I gotta say.

And number two from Sherrilyn Kenyon –

Rise of the Gryphon

I have nothing to say again.  I’m still coffee deprived.  Working on it though!

And next on the list is the newest release by Jennifer Ashley

Wild Wolf

Because shifters are sexy and I love the world Ms. Ashley created in this series.  I especially loved the Fae cats… but I’m a feline shifterlover.  Anyway, onto the next book I picked up, by the lovely Christine Warren

Heart of Stone

Going to see if her new series is anything like her old series, which had shifters, vampires, Fae, oh my!

And lastly, by Jaquelyn Frank


Because I absolutely adore Jacquelyn Frank.  Seriously, one of my all-time favorite authors.  She’s amazing!

And that it is for my shopping.  I hope I get to have some time to read those soon.  With that, I’m signing off.  Goodnight, fellow readers and coffee drinkers! (or tea if that’s what you’re into… )




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