Spotlight & Review: Evolution of Sam by Cassidy K. O’Connor




Sam Dalton is a confirmed bachelor with few attachments in this world until he meets Keara. New to his building she slowly takes over his every waking thought. Has he finally found the one who can tame him into submission?

Keara is the newest member of the Laochra Gra, a clan of faery women whose mission is to save mortal men from the Lianhan Shee by uniting them with their Soul Mates. Are her newly acquired powers strong enough to teach him the art of pleasuring a woman and preparing him for his soul mate?


Excerpt 18 and up Only

I wake up and my first thought is of her. We had so much fun at the party last night and I was really hoping to get lucky, but I came home alone. She is quickly becoming an addiction for me. I can’t wait to see her again. I can’t go empty handed, so I run down the block to the bakery. I pick up a couple of cinnamon rolls, croissants, bagels and since I don’t know what she drinks I grab a coffee, tea, and a hot chocolate. I rush back to the building praying the whole time she’s there. I knock and hear her call out she’ll be right there. I wait patiently and get rewarded when she opens the door. She’s only wearing an Emerald green robe that matches her eyes perfectly. I wish I had woken up next to her this morning to see if she always looks this perfect.

Good morning Sam, have you brought me another present?”

I wasn’t sure what you liked so I brought you one of everything”

That is very sweet of you, this pleases me very much. Come in and make yourself comfortable”



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Wow, how to start this.  So basically this is a modern tale of historic Irish lore regarding the Fae.  Fae who are sent to seduce men to protect them, even.  Quite a unique little premise for me anyway and I liked the idea at the same time as a little leery of it at first.  I mean sometimes these ideas turn out badly.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised by this novella.  I was sort of bummed with how short it was but it was very well done, especially for a debut novel and even more especially for erotica.  The characters were as developed as they could be in the short length of the novel.  I will admit something here:  I don’t USUALLY enjoy BDSM where the woman is the ‘dom’.  I don’t know, just don’t.  But this was a bit of light BDSM and the roles of Keara and Sam didn’t bother me much.

I did however like Keara.  She’s a great character and despite the fact she’s Fae you can really relate to her.  I’m not quite as fond of Sam as I am Keara, but I don’t suppose that matters as Keara is really the ‘main’ character in the series.

I would definitely recommend this to any erotica and/or Fae fans.  It’s a great read with great characters and a good plot, even despite it’s length.  A 4 star read!

Guest Post:  Cassidy K. O’Connor

The Pros and Cons of Writing Erotica

I was sixteen and a virgin when I wrote my first erotic story. By today’s standards it probably wasn’t as steamy as the ones you can find out there now. I don’t think I ever expected to stay in this genre; it was just a natural fit. I have a naturally high libido and my imagination is quite active when it comes to sex, why not use that to entertain others in a legal way?


The best part about writing erotica is hearing back from readers on how they learned something new or that they were inspired to try something from my books. Sex can be one of the most liberating acts a woman can participate in. I always write my female characters to be sexually confident and often the aggressor once they are in bed. My first book even had light BDSM in it with the female being the dom role. I was surprised to get feedback from readers that this was rare and a nice change of pace. It never dawned on me that this is less often seen. I believe if more women took control of their sex life they would be a lot happier.


No matter how happily married you may be it is still tough to keep romance alive in your relationship. If you have kids it is especially difficult to find a time where both you and your partner have enough energy to be intimate. There are some nights my husband will crawl into bed and reach over to cop a feel then announce that’s all he has in him. Reading erotic romance can help smooth over these rough hectic patches and help give you those endorphins you are desperately in need of.


There are a couple of drawbacks to this genre as well; the sheer number of books out there already makes success difficult. There are at least a thousand books out there for every kind of fetish. Getting yours noticed is a daily struggle, I spend hours on Facebook just trying to interact with people and get my name out there. I have been truly lucky to meet a lot of amazing people while on this endeavor though, people I would have never met otherwise.


Now for the biggest con of all…desire, I spend many hours panting over my keyboard. Sometimes I spend days writing and rewriting a sex scene which never fails to get me all riled up. My husband can attest to how many times he has received a text from me during the day begging him to come home and take care of me! This of course has been great for our sex life, sometimes I pounce on him as soon as he walks in the door.


Romance readers are the most passionate, friendly, supportive people I have ever met. I will gladly suffer hours of sexual neediness in exchange for writing stories people can connect with and enjoy.


Cassidy author picAuthor Bio:

I’m a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel. I married my high school sweetheart, we have three awesome kids and one crazy dog. I love all things Ireland and visited twice! Reading is essential to life and writing is an extension of that. If my books can make you laugh or give you that tingly feeling in your belly I’ve done something right!

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Book 2 of the Loves Protector Series is currently in progress! Jake Reynolds is a pro ball player who has already met his soul mate. He’s refusing to listen to his heart because his circle of friends would never accept her at the size she currently is. Keara’s got her work cut out for her this time!






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