Review: Finding His Swing by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Hitting His Swing by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Book 2 of the Love Protector Series

Released on OCT. 1st
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Jake Reynolds has everything he could want in life, fame, fortune and the greatest job in America as a professional baseball player. He didn’t realize anything was missing, until the day he met Chelsea Simmons.
Chelsea is Jake’s biggest fan and can’t believe her luck when she wins a contest to meet the players on the field before a home game. Meeting Jake was a dream come true, she never thought she had a chance at love with him.
After finding his soul mate but ignoring his heart Jake goes into a hitting slump. Chelsea is what society calls a curvy woman, Jake fears she won’t be accepted into his world and would rather give up being with her than risk her happiness. Can he continue playing ball knowing his soul mate is within reach?
Keara’s second mission as a member of the faery clan The Laochra Gra is vastly different from her first. She has her work cut out for her putting these two in situations that usually end in unexpected and hilarious antics. Can Keara help them see past society’s small mindedness and give into the love they feel for each other?


I love the premise behind the book.  I love the idea of using the Fae in this manner, making the focus on the book about finding a true mate.  I even love the idea of fighting the preconceptions of curvier women vs. skinny ones.  I love that the author chose this story for that.  I most especially love that he’s attracted to her as she is.  We need more books like that!

I love of course Keara.  She’s the strongest character in this book I thought.  Jake I did like, although I felt he deserved a bigger presence, I guess would be the best way to describe it.  I adored that he loved Chelsea the way she was, though. (I know, I made a redundant statement).  That he thought of her happiness first.  And Chelsea was a sweet curvy woman that was very well portrayed. I most especially loved Jake for the fact that meeting her and knowing he was giving up something made him lose focus playing.  It kind of emphasized how much she would and did mean to him at that point.  Nice job, Cassidy!

As this is the second mission of Keara’s, I found myself enthralled by reading how she dealt with this couple’s obstacles.  I know I’ll be just as engrossed in the third mission as well!

There were some awkward scenes, but overall, I would definitely recommend this read!  There is something about the whole idea that makes you want to see what Keara’s next mission is.  Like I said, she is the strongest force in the novel I thought.  My only problem with this series is I wish I could connect a bit more with the main couple.  However much I connect with Kaera, I should feel more for the main couple.  So a nifty 3.5 stars!

And if Cassidy is taking requests, I’d love to see Kaera end up with someone!  However you make that work, it’d be awesome!

Top Ten:  Animals

  1. Dogs
  2. Horses
  3. Unicorns (does it have to be real?)
  4. Miniature elephant (Journey to the Center of the Earth 2)
  5. Kittens (not cats, they aren’t active enough for me)
  6. Spider Monkeys
  7. Penguins
  8. Panda Bear
  9. Giraffe
  10. Otters

(Sj’s Comment:  Real?  Of COURSE not!  You can add in the paranormal or fantasy as whim insists!!)

This or That:

Coffee or Tea?

Hot tea but my favorite is sweet tea (cold), it’s always frustrating to visit up North and you can only get unsweet tea!

Diet or Regular?

Definitely Regular and Definitely Coke

Chocolate or Carrot Sticks?

Chocolate is near and dear to my heart, we are deeply connected on every level. I am a fan of carrot sticks though, especially when eating buffalo chicken.

Paranormal or Normal?

I guess normal , historical romance is my favorite genre. Ironic that I don’t actually write it though.

Scarier:  Spiders or Snakes?

Definitely spiders – those bitches have no qualm about crawling on you. At least snakes try to get away most of the time.

Homebody or Social Butterfly?

Tough one…I used to be a social butterfly but I found most people to be undependable. I got really tired of last minute cancellations so I have become more of a homebody now.

TV or Books?

A year ago I would have said books, since taking writing more serious and actually publishing I’ve found I need a break from books and turn to TV.

Damon or Stefan?

I have a teenage daughter so I have watched some Vampire Diaries and definitely think Damon is hotter but those guys have nothing on Sam and Dean from Supernatural! I’m Team Dean in that case 🙂

Team Edward or Team Jacob?  (LOL)

Just off looks and personality I’m all about Jacob, after reading the series I don’t think you can actually be on a team. Jacob is not meant for Bella so it’s not really a question.

Vampire or Werewolf?

If I had to choose I would go with werewolf – I don’t want be with someone that is immortal if I’m not and depending on which story line you follow they can only be with you at night. I want my lover by my side as much as possible!

(SJ’s Comment:  Oh, Team Dean from Supernatural all the way!!  Or Team Castiel, because he’s such a hoot sometimes.  In a hot, clueless type of way.  Or he’s doing bad things.  Or he’s not.  You never know!)

Author Bio:
Cassidy K O’Connor is a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel but never forgets where her roots are. She married her high school sweetheart, they have 3 kids and a crazy dog. Travelling and reading are her two favorite hobbies. Cassidy loves all things Ireland and has been lucky enough to visit twice. Her first book ‘The Evolution of Sam’ was published August of 2014 and she has plans for many more.

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