chrishemsworth02Hey book lovers! I figured I’d add some contact information for you all, since it was pointed out to me it was missing! *gasp*

So for any sort of blog/book tour/blast/promo feel free to use the contact form below. Or you may email me at

I don’t have many rules just yet – don’t get enough requests to force me to be choosy. Once I need to, I will start to add them, but until then, enjoy the very minor guidelines – I’ll call them guidelines for now and not rules.

Firstly, I am by far a paranormal romance junkie. I love it, I read it almost exclusively when I pick out my own novels to read. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and I thoroughly enjoy those, so I do enjoy most every other romance sub-genre there is. So most requests for the romance genre will pique my interest faster, and paranormal romance can make me drool. The only non-romance genres I have been known to enjoy is fantasy & urban fantasy. In fact, before I hit my 20s, I wouldn’t read romance and ONLY read fantasy. So that’s a safe bet. Sci-fi can sometimes intrigue me as well.

I am NOT big on non-romantic suspense, thrillers, horrors, history novels, etc, BUT I can and will read them as time allows. But to be fair, I should warn you, because I don’t get as into those types of books… I’m not exactly how I can spin the reviews. I mean, I can tell good from bad, and might give good 4 stars, yet because it feels more like the assigned reading to me, I don’t know that I would give a 5 star there when they deserve it because I don’t know that they would! This is just a warning on that. I try to be objective, but….yeah, hard to say it’s 5 when you only ‘liked it’ but you knew the plot and research and writing were excellent… On the flip side of that, if anyone can make me actually rave about a non-romance story, they would have done a bloody excellent job! So it’s up to you all if you want to ask.

And lastly, I am going to steer clear of nearly all nonfiction and self-help type books. Those… make me feel like I’d rather be at the dentist. Nonfiction isn’t so bad, except it would really, really have to be a subject I’m interested in and know something about.

That’s it for guidelines!

Also, feel free to contact me about any other thing under the sun. I’ll answer you as the computer permits!

(Chris is up there because he’s on a bike…  and it’s hot.)

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