I always give any requests due consideration.  Feel free to ask for book tours, cover reveals, release day blitzes, and reviews.  Email me or use the contact form for any request.  There is no harm in asking and all of my rules are bendable for certain reasons, so ask away.  I will consider your request, and if I can’t fulfill it, I will politely let you know.  However, for a sure thing, please follow these little guidelines.

Blog Guidelines

1. One post per day

I try to schedule my stuff for only one post per day.  I do not like to have more than one post because I feel it doesn’t give the authors/books whichever the proper attention if I have more than one post.  I will break this rule for groups I’m in, Indie author friends or my Blog Tour promotion group has an emergency where they need a post desperately.

2.  Honest Reviews

I never receive compensation for any review.  Ever.  I may be given a book to review, but that’s as much as it goes.  All reviews are 100 per cent my own honest opinion, so if you’re looking for a bunch of 5 star reviews, it’s best to just ask your friends.  (Which is not okay, by the way.  Asking them to read and review is one thing, asking them for 5 stars is unethical.)  I will not be anything but honest when I review, even if I love an author as a person.  If I dislike the book or parts of the book, I will say so.  I am a bit of a picky critic, but even if I dislike a book, I will try to be polite and let you know what I did like about the book as well.  I will never tear anyone down.  Also, any review requests that I fulfill on my blog will appear on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Booklikes, & Shelfari.  So be prepared.  Or rejoice that I always put those reviews out there.

3.  Review Request Guidelines

Please allow 4 weeks per review request as I do have a list that isn’t getting smaller.  I can read 1 book (or even 5 books when I’m sick and can’t get online) per day, but I also have a lot of typing to do per book, and posting on other sites, and also squeezing in the review between blog tours.

Epub, mobi, or pdf are fine for me to read.  You can email it to me, gift it to me from, or even send a code for smashwords (for those keeping track), whatever.  I’m open to whatever.  My kindle does not have an email address.  In order to read Kindle, I have to use my computer – and thus, the Kindle for PC app.  And gifting from B&N is a pain in the ass for me.  I may prefer epub but I don’t use the nook.  I use Amazon for my ebooks.  If I want B&N, I just go to my local store.  Just to let you know.

I’d also like to reiterate that all reviews will be honest reviews.  I will not pad my reviews even if I love you to pieces as a person.  They will be honest.  Polite, but honest.  I will not be a meanie!

4. Genres

Okay guys, my book blog is mostly for my types of books, which means mostly Paranormal Romance.  However, I do deviate from that subgenre to others, so what follows is a list of the genres I will read.  (For non-reviewing purposes ask me and we’ll see.  Depends on if I’ve got too much of a genre I won’t read on my plate at the time.  I am trying to keep my Book Blog Paranormal Romance based, with deviations heavily laced with romance.  I’ll sprinkle in other types of books, but I am trying to keep a focus.)

Quite a few genres I don’t do, our new reviewer Amber Jones can!  So rejoice, the genres have been expanded!

Selenity Jade’s Genre Preferences:


  • Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • YA Romance
  • Erotica Romance
  • Any Romance Genre
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi


  • Children’s Books – because I don’t have a child only a nephew whom I see a lot but still he’s only 3 and has the attention span OF a 3 year old, meaning I can read him part of a book before he decides he wants to run off and play.  So basically I am in no position to review a children’s book.  However, I do not mind doing cover reveals, release day blasts, etc. of children’s books as they are essential to help little ones learn to enjoy reading.  I just can’t review them.
  • Pre-Teen to Teenage books – I can and will review them if they’re kind of the Harry Potter mind (meaning I won’t be bored stiff hopefully reading something for 12 year old boys I hope), but I’m open to being asked and we’ll see what comes of it.  If it’s like a Harry Potter read – where kids enjoy it just as much as adults do, well then push them onto me.  And as always, if I can’t review it, I will happily do cover, author stuff, and release day stuff, etc.


  • Self-Help
  • Memoirs
  • Non-Fiction (it’d really have to be one of the very few areas I have interest in so in general it’s a no)
  • Thrillers and Crime Fiction (unless it has romance in it, these bore me)

 Omra Seoin’s Genre Preferences:


  • Historical Romance
  • Biography
  • Memoirs
  • Non-Fiction
  • Cookbooks
  • Childrens
  • Historical
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Sci-fi
  • Sci-fi Romance
  • Gothic
  • Fantasy
  • Romanance
  • Multi-cultural
  • New Adult & College Romance

5.  Other Requests

General Promotional Requests:

I am happy to share any links or promotions that I’m asked to on my social media sites and such, and even some groups if they fit the group categories.  So far I haven’t had to restrict or turn anyone down when asked to share covers, sales, new releases, etc. because every author &/or PA has been super, super nice about it and they aren’t abusing my good nature.  ^_^;

Seriously, I love helping indie authors out or any self-published author – a lot of big names have started self-publishing nowadays, so not sure I can call them indies.  ^_^  In any case, I love helping.  As long as it’s not abused, you may ask me to share, read, post, explore, join a blog tour, or jump off a cliff and I’d do it for you guys.  So ask away!

I’m not kidding when I say you may ask me for any help you need and I’d be happy to bend myself into a pretzel to see it done.  I love authors, especially those that are self-publishing now.  That means indies and big named authors who abandoned their publishing company to be self-published.  ^_^

Please use the contact form, email, or message me on FB for any review or promotional tours or promo requests.


Selenity Jade

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