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Blog Blast, Review & Giveaway: Naturally Yours by Adele Downs

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Title – Naturally Yours
Author – Adele Downs
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Publication Date – October 7th, 2014
Length (Pages/# Words) – 26,000 Words
Publisher – Boroughs Publishing Group

Naturally Yours


Who will save the man that saves the world?

Paramedic Mickey Kendall hasn’t slept a full night since his return from Iraq. He rescues victims by day and protects the innocent after dark. Mickey doesn’t do it for glory; he wants absolution, not admiration. He lives by the rule: No personal contact after a rescue. That code meets the ultimate test when Mickey saves a child’s life on a roadside and declines the parents’ invitation to dinner at their upscale restaurant.

Master chef Amanda Greer lives by the principle that delicious food and good company build bridges. When she learns Mickey has refused her partners’ hospitality, she persuades him to change his mind. On the night the handsome paramedic visits her restaurant, Amanda joins him at his table, and their unexpected chemistry leads to a passionate kiss.

In Amanda’s arms, Mickey finds relief from the stressors that haunt him, but resists falling in love. When Amanda challenges him to confront his demons and accept the love she offers, Mickey arrives at a crossroad. The war-weary paramedic must face a different kind of battle to claim the woman who reignites his passion for living and revives his wounded heart.


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(Book is rated PG-13. Sensual, but not explicit.)
“They called you a hero in the press.” Her dark lashes lowered and lifted and she smiled at him with admiration shining in her eyes. “They were right, of course. What you did for Jack can never be repaid.”

Mickey winced at the hero reference. “I hate to disappoint you, but I only did what I’m trained to do.”

Amanda made sounds of disagreement low in her throat. “Elena told me at least a hundred and fifty cars passed her on the highway. Every one of them ignored her cries for help. Of all those people, don’t you think one might have been medically trained? Or at least cared enough to respond? No. You stopped. Only you.”

Oh. He hadn’t thought of that.

She pointed a finger at his chest. “There’s a difference between you and other people. There’s no other way to explain what happened on that roadway. Elena is convinced you’re special, and I never doubt her perceptions. That’s another reason why I wanted to meet you.”

Mickey stared into Amanda’s eyes and her pupils dilated. Her lips parted, ever so slightly, as if to welcome a kiss. Her tongue touched the inside of her bottom lip and disappeared. Mickey knew then, she felt it too. Synergy. Chemistry. An attraction so powerful it turned kinetic on contact.
Some called it love at first sight.

Amanda. Even her name was beautiful.

She took a sip of her drink and he watched her mouth and throat work the liquid. When she set down the tumbler, she wiped a droplet from the corner of her mouth with a trimmed, unpolished fingertip. Mickey wished he could have swiped the bead away with his tongue.

Amanda leaned closer and pressed a hand to his wrist. “Trained or not, you were the only stranger on that highway who had a heart.”

Mickey laid his hand over hers and she let him keep it there. Until now, he wasn’t sure he still had a heart. His had been chipped away, piece by piece, like a block of ice since the war. He’d considered it long gone, with his soul. In mere minutes, what was left had thawed in the center, leaving him raw and exposed.

Amanda continued to speak; clearly unaware she’d stripped away another layer. “I love Jack like he’s my own son. He’s a terrific kid. I’ve helped take care of him since the day the Martins and I started this restaurant. When you saved him, you saved us all.” Amanda leaned in and pressed a quick, sweet kiss against Mickey’s jaw.

Their gazes locked when she sat back in her chair. The gravity of her words and her straightforward kiss humbled him into speechlessness. He’d been thanked many times before, but this woman had gotten to him like no one else. He squeezed her hand and then downed the rest of his drink. Amanda took another sip of hers and set the glass on the table before retreating into silence. She turned the tumbler slowly in her hands.

Mickey looked back at her and tapped two fingers against the menu’s leather cover. “Nothing here is what I expected.”

Amanda returned a quiet smile, either assuming he meant food choices, or pretending he had. She tucked her arms beneath her breasts and leaned forward against the edge of the table, lifting perfect white swells above the neckline of her red blouse. “Organic means untouched by artificiality. Grown and consumed in its natural state. We eat only healthy foods unspoiled by chemicals, preservatives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and genetically modified seeds or cells. Pure.”

Pure. Mickey gazed at the stunning woman by his side and sensed that was true for her, too. The texture of her skin looked smooth as cream and welcoming to the touch. He longed to run his hands along her thighs, imagining sleek roads leading to heaven at their apex. “I like the sound of that.” The way she looked back at him while he studied her face made him wonder if she’d read his mind.

The one that had gone dirty.


The cover and blurb are both amazing and suck you into wanting to read one of the best contemporary romances I have read in months.  Maybe up in the list of my top 20 romances this year so far.  Seriously, seriously good.  So let the beautiful cover and awesome blurb work on you to snatch up a copy.  No way will you regret it.

There isn’t much to say about Mickey and Amanda except wow.  The roller-coaster ride of emotions you go through with this amazing couple was brilliantly done and served to make the reader feel and empathize with the characters in a way few writers can accomplish.  In fact, the only thing I can say negatively about any of the characters is I am not a fan of the name Mickey.  Yeah, it’s a petty small issue, but seriously.  My nephew loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the past 2 years and every time I watched him (which was every weekend), I got to watch over 8 hours of that show.  Over, and over, and over again.  So yeah, Mickey makes me cringe now.  Ahem, but the story was so good, by the end I wasn’t exactly cringing anymore!  I was at least used to it.

It’s a beautiful love that sprung up between Amanda and Mickey.  Not just filled with heat, but filled with emotion and depth.  It was honestly one of the more beautiful loves I’ve read in a long time.  Adele Downs is a master at evoking emotions from her characters.

The story was nicely done as well, although honestly, I was so absorbed in the book, I didn’t make as many notes for the review as normal.  So maybe that’s a sign.  It enveloped me and didn’t let go until the story was over.  I loved it!

5 stars!

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Lisa Unger
Lisa Gardner
Stephen King
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J.K. Rowling
Gillian Flynn
Tami Hoag


Adele Downs writes contemporary romance inside the office of her rural Pennsylvania home. She is a former journalist, published in newspapers and magazines inside the USA, UK, and Caribbean.

Adele is an active member of Romance Writers of America and her local RWA chapter where she serves as a past-president. She has written several articles for RWR magazine (Romance Writers Report), the trade journal of Romance Writers of America, and has presented workshops for writers.

When Adele isn’t working on her current project, she can be found riding in her convertible or reading a book on the nearest beach.


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Twitter – Pinterest

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Spotlight & Review: Peyton 313 by Donna McDonald



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Worst epic fail of her scientific career? Falling for a cyborg she helped create.

Kyra Winters never meant fcyborgcoveror her cyber science discoveries to be used for evil, but that’s exactly what happened. Now returning Peyton 313’s humanity is the last chance she’ll ever have to atone. She can’t get back the lost decade, but she can change the present by restoring the cyborg who was once Marine Captain Peyton Elliot.

Certainly her grand plan for rectifying her mistakes didn’t include madly kissing the confused, passionate Marine when he begged her to. The same scientific mind that constructed the cyborg creator code now warned her not to let Peyton’s tempting offers of heaven cloud her rational decision making. Yet it’s difficult to  resist the cyborg she’s restoring when he’s also the most intriguing man she’s ever known.


Satisfied by his fierce complaining, Kyra walked back to the chair and knelt at his feet again. She had thumb-printed the chair restraint locks so a light swipe across the sensor instantly opened them. After the ankle ones were removed, she removed the one across his chest. Lastly, she moved to his wrists, pausing as she met his questioning gaze. She had to tell him what she was feeling. The urge was too compelling and his gaze was too full of hope. “Today you are more yourself than you’ve been in a long time, Captain Elliot. Since this may be the only nice conversation you and I are ever going to have, I want to thank you for your military service and all the amazing things you’ve done. I’ll even admit that you’re far more charming than your record indicated. In another time and another place, I might have been willing to play all kinds of flirty games with you. But this is definitely not that time or place. We are suspended between heaven and hell right now, and neither of us is an angel.”

“Sleep in the cage with me tonight and I’ll show you heaven, Doc. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a woman as much as I want you right now. Sorry if the speed of my interest offends your sensibilities. I’m listening to a little voice that keeps yelling inside me. It’s saying this may be my one and only chance to get you to see I’m more than just some super soldier machine in need of fixing.”

Kyra felt her lip tremble and bit it hard to make it stop before she answered. “I already know that about you. That’s why I’m doing this. Now don’t make me like you any more than I already do.”

“See? I knew you liked me,” Peyton bragged, wishing she’d come a lot closer. She smelled amazing.

Kyra wondered if Peyton’s desire for her was a lingering after-effect of all those years of Cyber Husband programming? He would have studied her file extensively because Norton would have made him do so. He would have learned all he could about her likes and dislikes. That’s how the program worked. She purposely hadn’t removed that chip because she needed him to like her at least a little for just a while longer.

Peyton stared at the woman’s disappointed face. She looked ready to cry and he couldn’t stand seeing her that way. “How about a kiss to test your theories about us, Doc? Just one. I need it and I think you need it too. You already admitted you weren’t married. Look—my wrists are still chained to the chair. What could one kiss hurt? Come on—what do you say?”

Kyra sighed. She was as exasperated with him as she was charmed by his pleading. Tomorrow Peyton Elliott was going to hate her. She was one hundred percent sure of it because it had been proven true twice already before him.

Tomorrow when Peyton Elliott knew the truth, he would hate his life and those who had consigned him to his living hell. Tomorrow the machine would be partially back and Peyton would not be this light-hearted, mostly human version of himself. He would be a new kind of redefined cyborg. While no one knew what that was going to be like—not even her—she would bet her retirement Peyton was still going to hate her after he integrated the present with his past.

“Please—one kiss, Doc. That’s all I’m asking,” Peyton whispered.

Kyra sighed loudly. “You’re a hard man to say no to and today I’m a sentimental fool. Close your eyes, Captain. I haven’t kissed a man in a long time. I can’t look at you or I’ll lose my nerve.”

When Peyton sighed dramatically in return and leaned his head back, Kyra climbed on the electrical shield at the bottom of the operating chair until she was standing between his legs. Heat emanated from every inch of the man and he still smelled a little like burnt circuitry. Yet underneath that stark reality, Peyton also smelled masculine and very alluring.

Kyra sighed again. “I wish I could send you out the door to live whatever kind of life you want just as you are right now. That’s what you deserve, Captain Elliott. I want that badly for you, but I can’t make it happen. Your cybernetic enhancements require you to retain knowledge of how they work. Too much is at stake and the outcome of your healing affects more than just the two of us. But thank you for giving me a glimpse of why putting you through this hell is so important. This moment—it’s very humanizing for both of us—to want to be kissed and then be kissed. Thank you for sharing this moment with me.”

“Man, you sure talk a lot. Still waiting for that kiss, Doc,” Peyton said. He was keeping his eyes tight and his mind off how sexy she sounded when she got all philosophical.

Kyra snorted at his chastising. She touched her lips to Peyton’s and instantly found her bottom one nipped aggressively between two rows of even teeth. Moaning at the delicate trap he’d set for her, her body tipped forward against his and she had to catch herself on his wide shoulders. Her hands slipped over them and down his chest without her mind questioning the action.

When she moaned against his mouth, Peyton ordered himself to turn loose. After he did, he stared hard at the lip he’d bitten. The woman wanted him. He could taste it, smell it, and damn it he wanted her too. It was exhilarating to feel such pure desire flowing so freely through his cells.

A demand to sate that intense longing came from some desperate part of him that was both familiar and strange at the same time. What the hell was happening to him mind? It was both relieving and like finally waking up after being asleep for too long.

“Climb up here and give me a real kiss, Doc. And don’t be so damn stingy with sharing your tongue. I intend to use it to imagine what else I’m going to do when you cut me loose from this freaking chair.”

Groaning at how aroused he’d just made her with his sexy declaration, Kyra climbed into Peyton’s large lap to straddle him. It gave her better access to his mouth and the chance to indulge just a little more as she eased her hips down on him. She sighed at her nearly out-of-control feelings and touched her forehead to his.

“The only reason I’m doing this is because I know you’re going to take great pleasure in ridding yourself of this memory tomorrow. I won’t blame you for that action, Peyton. I think it’s the smartest thing you could do.”

“Stop whining about what hasn’t happened yet, Doc. It’s damn cruel to suggest this instant attraction between us is nothing. Now kiss me like you want to—and damn it I know you want to. I am a cyborg, you know.”

He ordered his processor to store the image of her face just as she caved into his demand and dipped her mouth to his. Her lips were lush and hot and wet, and her kiss was the most deliriously wonderful experience he could recall happening in ages. He watched her eyes close in pleasure as he strained towards her, but froze in the chair when he saw two tears run down her face. A second later, tears were flowing off her chin in two tiny, steady streams.

“What? What is it, Doc? What’s wrong with this? The attraction is mutual, isn’t it? We’re alone in here just the two of us. I’m wearing too many damn restraints to do much harm to you. Hell, keep the chair restraints in place woman—just be with me before I die from wanting you.”

“I can’t. I can’t take advantage of you, no matter what I’m feeling,” Kyra said, lifting her arm to swipe at her eyes. “Thank you for the sexy kiss, Captain. It’s been a very, very long time since I felt anything remotely close that level of desire for a man. Even if you wipe this away, I’ll never forget it—or you.”

Kyra slid reluctantly off his lap and straightened her clothing. “I’m going to release the last of the chair restraints now. Please keep your distance so I don’t have to use the controller. I’ve hurt you enough in the last couple of days.”


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To be honest, despite the awesome cover and blurb, I was a little leery of this story.  I love my sci-fi romance when I read it, but I’m not usually one for cyborg romance.  However, I WAS curious about how this was to unfold, so I volunteered to review it and here we are!

Firstly, I loved the world Donna McDonald created.  It was a realistic and well-visioned 22nd century.  Honestly, because this was a romance first and foremost, the world was excellently done.  If this were a sci-fi first, though, it would be a tad lacking.  However, since I don’t usually read straight science fiction, it had just the perfect amount of detail into the world our story takes place in and I honestly wouldn’t change it.  Yes, she could have expanded on it more, but it didn’t need to.  It was enough to give us answers and setting without distracting us from the actual story.  This is the story between the cyborg Peyton and Kyra and emotions, and about everything in between.

Okay, Peyton was hot.  Even me – the non-cyborg fan – thought he was hot.  I’d take him.  He could be my fiction book boyfriend #4 of this week!  I loved how he was from start to finish, his emotions, needs, the chemistry with Kyra, everything was very well done.  Now the hard part.  I didn’t like Kyra for the first third of the novel.  I seriously thought she was too big of a crier.  I mean, I can read just about any type of heroine, and especially love timid, weak ones finding their power.  However, I really dislike whiners and criers.  So, I was rather upset with our main heroine for quite a while into the book.  BUT once you get to understand her and her past better, you find you can tolerate the first part of the story better.  Still didn’t LIKE it, but I understood it.  Plus she turned into such an strong woman later on.

Storyline was excellently surrounding the two main characters, which in a romance, is par for the course.  The writing was a tad awkward with dialog sometimes when a character does or says something I personally didn’t think fit well, or sounding too weird or cheesy.  But these times weren’t that often and easily overlooked.  As long as it doesn’t jar me from enjoying the story, it’s not too bad of a negative.

Overall, this story is definitely worth the read.  Anyone on the fence curious enough about a cyborg romance or just brave enough when their first thought is someone boinking a terminator without the human skin?  Yeah, that WAS my first thought.  I know, I know, that’s more of an android, all machine.  Cyborg DOES have human parts.  But yeah, still thought terminator boinking a human.  Very weird for me.  Ahem, in any case, you all NEED to get this book.  It’s a great read!

4 stars!

Donna McDonald


Donna McDonald is an active dreamer and finds writing to be the best way to use her creativity.

Needing to satisfy both sides of her brain, she is a cross-genre author of contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal romances. Her books appear on bestseller lists for humor, romantic comedy, space opera, and more.

She craves laughter from her readers and focuses her attention on making that happen as often as possible. She loves to hear from anyone who has read her books.

Donna McDonald considers herself blessed to be a best-selling author in Contemporary Romance, Humor, and Paranormal Romance. Paranormal reviewers are calling McDonald “a literary alchemist effortlessly blending science fiction and romance”. Contemporary and humor reviewers often write to tell her that the books keep them up laughing all night. She likes both compliments and hopes they stay true forever.

Her idea of success is to be sitting next to someone on a plane and find out they are laughing at something in one of her books. She hopes that will be you.

Blog Tour & Review: Live for Today by Sandra Steiner

“Lily looked over her shoulder and, seeing no one, began to relax. It was just her imagination. It had to be, didn’t it? She could not remember a time when she did not feel as though someone was watching her.”

Live for Today

Spring Island Trilogy #2

Sandra Steiner

Lily looked over her shoulder and, seeing no one, began to relax. It was just her imagination. It had to be, didn’t it? She could not remember a time when she did not feel as though someone was watching her.

Sitting on the beach watching the calm water always seemed to help to ease the panic. The waves were gently lapping against the driftwood on the beach. The sound of the seagulls was soothing. The smell of the salty ocean air was comforting. So why couldn’t she just relax? Today, it did not seem to be working.

Last night the dreams had kept her awake through most of the night. If only she knew what they meant. She was so tired of them. They had plagued her for her entire life, as long as she could remember anyhow. Today was a day filled with questions, and she just wanted answers. All her life she had worked at blocking memories.

Maybe it was time for her to lay her past to rest. The idea of it terrified her, and she really wasn’t sure why. She wanted to move forward in her life; it was time.


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Lily made the drive out to the ferry’s loading area. There were ferries that went every couple of hours or so. As she waited in line for the ferry to take her to the mainland, her mind drifted to her dreams. She pulled out her dream journal and began to make notes about what she knew about her past. It was difficult at first to think about it. But it was necessary. She knew that now. She had been keeping the journal for a while now; the counsellor had suggested that it might highlight some of the recurring events and make things easier to figure out.

Her mother’s name: Andrea Gail Hayes Her father’s name: Tyson John Hayes The town she was born in: Rollingway Birthday: 28 August 1980

Birth name: Corina Lily Hayes; now uses Lily Gordon (adoptive family name)

Vague memories of: Forest?
.  Hiding in dark cupboard

She couldn’t remember much more, not yet at least.

Listen to Sandra’s Radio Interview

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1.      Sandra went to the bar for the first time (legally) at the grand old age of 41.

2.      Sandra has two beautiful grandchildren.

3.      Sandra loves quotes!

4.      Sandra believes that by encouraging others to do their best, everyone succeeds.

5.      Sandra has three more novels in progress!

6.      Sandra loves to read all genres from erotica to young adult!

7.      Sandra believes in angels.

8.      Sandra loves connecting with readers, bloggers, and other authors.  Communication is very important to her.

9.      Sandra and her husband love long walks, and enjoy going to the movies!

10.  Sandra loves the beach and the ocean.

Meet the Cast

Live For Today Review

First off, I just wanted to congratulate whoever came up with and designed the cover, however many people that might be.  It’s a beautiful piece of art and so lovely to look at, yet it does a great job of intriguing us readers into looking at the blurb!

Second, holy freaking wow!!  Storyline wise, this was such a plot-twisting masterpiece!  I mean seriously.  The little hints kept you guessing throughout the entire book and the outcomes were a complete surprise to me.  I am truly in awe over the ability to do that.  Even some of the big-named authors have a hard time surprising me and Sandra Steiner did a masterful job of it!  I’m pleasantly shocked!  See, book lovers, this is why reading indies is such a passion of mine.

Character wise, I liked Lily.  I really felt connected to her throughout the story and that was very well done.  The less important characters were very well thought out and portrayed, although I’m not sure I felt anything so deep as I did for Lily.  It could have been a tad better in engaging my emotions for or against them.  However, other than that, the character development was spot on.

Overall, the entire story kept me entertained and wanting to find out what happens next.  It was a ‘just one more chapter’ type of book.  Kept me up way too late the other night, even.  So nice job.  4 stars!

Cherish the Past (Spring Trilogy Book #1)


Angie sighed. A small smile began to form as she recalled the moments that led up to this incredible feeling. Life was good-no, life was amazing. It hadn’t always been, but today at forty-six, it sure was. She had reached a good space in her life. She was content, in love, at peace with her past, and excited about her future. Tomorrow she was marrying her soul mate. She had nearly given up hoping she would find him.

He had actually prayed that she would find him before his birthday. Or so he said, and she had no reason not to believe him. As she sat on the beach watching the waves roll in, the memories of a lifetime came crashing in, reminding her to cherish the past . . .


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 Cherish the Past Review

I just wanted to say, I’m not much of an inspirational novel reader, but this first book in the series was amazing.  I wasn’t sure what I expected, but the range of the dark, powerful emotions of Angie’s past was not it.  That poor woman.  I felt for her for the entire novel and I’m extremely happy at how it ended.  It was a near-perfect ending.  Truly a good novel that will make you feel for the main character in ways a good novel should.  I was nicely surprised at how this all worked out.

As far as character development goes, the story did a nice job at almost every aspect of Angie’s past.  I felt a little more could have been expressed during certain deep moments I won’t name for fear of spoilers, but other than that, it was nicely done.  You truly felt anger and even hatred for Alex; you truly felt sympathy and pain for Angie, and you were truly happy she found love.

The entire story kept me up later than I wanted, and it definitely kept me engaged.  As any good novel should.  It’s shocking that an inspirational kept me engaged so well.  At least to me.  So I’m so thrilled to give this installment a solid 4 stars.

About the Author

Sandra Steiner relocated to Vancouver Island in 2010 to pursue a dream of living near the ocean.  She met her soul mate Cory in the spring of 2013 and a short six months later they were married. They combined lives, homes, children, and fur babies to create a life they both love.  They are both creative individuals and as Sandra writes, Cory composes music for an upcoming CD.

There are parallels in Sandra’s writing and real life, that’s true. However, the motive for writing her novels is to inspire her readers to be strong, independent women. Sandra believes if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. The novels are suitable for teen through adult readers. Both of Sandra’s novels have been well received, and Cherish the Past has recently been awarded the gold seal of literary excellence!

Contact Sandra

Facebook | Website | Goodreads | Amazon | Facebook Page

Review: Finding His Swing by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Hitting His Swing by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Book 2 of the Love Protector Series

Released on OCT. 1st
Avail on Amazon!!!!
Jake Reynolds has everything he could want in life, fame, fortune and the greatest job in America as a professional baseball player. He didn’t realize anything was missing, until the day he met Chelsea Simmons.
Chelsea is Jake’s biggest fan and can’t believe her luck when she wins a contest to meet the players on the field before a home game. Meeting Jake was a dream come true, she never thought she had a chance at love with him.
After finding his soul mate but ignoring his heart Jake goes into a hitting slump. Chelsea is what society calls a curvy woman, Jake fears she won’t be accepted into his world and would rather give up being with her than risk her happiness. Can he continue playing ball knowing his soul mate is within reach?
Keara’s second mission as a member of the faery clan The Laochra Gra is vastly different from her first. She has her work cut out for her putting these two in situations that usually end in unexpected and hilarious antics. Can Keara help them see past society’s small mindedness and give into the love they feel for each other?


I love the premise behind the book.  I love the idea of using the Fae in this manner, making the focus on the book about finding a true mate.  I even love the idea of fighting the preconceptions of curvier women vs. skinny ones.  I love that the author chose this story for that.  I most especially love that he’s attracted to her as she is.  We need more books like that!

I love of course Keara.  She’s the strongest character in this book I thought.  Jake I did like, although I felt he deserved a bigger presence, I guess would be the best way to describe it.  I adored that he loved Chelsea the way she was, though. (I know, I made a redundant statement).  That he thought of her happiness first.  And Chelsea was a sweet curvy woman that was very well portrayed. I most especially loved Jake for the fact that meeting her and knowing he was giving up something made him lose focus playing.  It kind of emphasized how much she would and did mean to him at that point.  Nice job, Cassidy!

As this is the second mission of Keara’s, I found myself enthralled by reading how she dealt with this couple’s obstacles.  I know I’ll be just as engrossed in the third mission as well!

There were some awkward scenes, but overall, I would definitely recommend this read!  There is something about the whole idea that makes you want to see what Keara’s next mission is.  Like I said, she is the strongest force in the novel I thought.  My only problem with this series is I wish I could connect a bit more with the main couple.  However much I connect with Kaera, I should feel more for the main couple.  So a nifty 3.5 stars!

And if Cassidy is taking requests, I’d love to see Kaera end up with someone!  However you make that work, it’d be awesome!

Top Ten:  Animals

  1. Dogs
  2. Horses
  3. Unicorns (does it have to be real?)
  4. Miniature elephant (Journey to the Center of the Earth 2)
  5. Kittens (not cats, they aren’t active enough for me)
  6. Spider Monkeys
  7. Penguins
  8. Panda Bear
  9. Giraffe
  10. Otters

(Sj’s Comment:  Real?  Of COURSE not!  You can add in the paranormal or fantasy as whim insists!!)

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Coffee or Tea?

Hot tea but my favorite is sweet tea (cold), it’s always frustrating to visit up North and you can only get unsweet tea!

Diet or Regular?

Definitely Regular and Definitely Coke

Chocolate or Carrot Sticks?

Chocolate is near and dear to my heart, we are deeply connected on every level. I am a fan of carrot sticks though, especially when eating buffalo chicken.

Paranormal or Normal?

I guess normal , historical romance is my favorite genre. Ironic that I don’t actually write it though.

Scarier:  Spiders or Snakes?

Definitely spiders – those bitches have no qualm about crawling on you. At least snakes try to get away most of the time.

Homebody or Social Butterfly?

Tough one…I used to be a social butterfly but I found most people to be undependable. I got really tired of last minute cancellations so I have become more of a homebody now.

TV or Books?

A year ago I would have said books, since taking writing more serious and actually publishing I’ve found I need a break from books and turn to TV.

Damon or Stefan?

I have a teenage daughter so I have watched some Vampire Diaries and definitely think Damon is hotter but those guys have nothing on Sam and Dean from Supernatural! I’m Team Dean in that case 🙂

Team Edward or Team Jacob?  (LOL)

Just off looks and personality I’m all about Jacob, after reading the series I don’t think you can actually be on a team. Jacob is not meant for Bella so it’s not really a question.

Vampire or Werewolf?

If I had to choose I would go with werewolf – I don’t want be with someone that is immortal if I’m not and depending on which story line you follow they can only be with you at night. I want my lover by my side as much as possible!

(SJ’s Comment:  Oh, Team Dean from Supernatural all the way!!  Or Team Castiel, because he’s such a hoot sometimes.  In a hot, clueless type of way.  Or he’s doing bad things.  Or he’s not.  You never know!)

Author Bio:
Cassidy K O’Connor is a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel but never forgets where her roots are. She married her high school sweetheart, they have 3 kids and a crazy dog. Travelling and reading are her two favorite hobbies. Cassidy loves all things Ireland and has been lucky enough to visit twice. Her first book ‘The Evolution of Sam’ was published August of 2014 and she has plans for many more.

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Unabridged Blog Tour: Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway


Book Length: 144 pages
Date Published: Aug. 17, 2014
Published by: Melinda De Ross (INDIE)
Steam Rating: Steamy
Main Characters: Angelina & Blade
Ironically, it all starts with a popular book about BDSM. When Angelina Jameson steps into her boss’s office armed with an acid article about ‘Billionaires, BDSM and Blah-blah-blah’, she thinks her career will take off. But her career aspirations drop into second place when she finds herself face to face with her nemesis.

Blade Spencer is the new editor-in-chief of Unabridged—the literary magazine where his ex-lover Angelina works. For three years, since she fled small town Jamestown without a word of explanation, they haven’t heard from one another. Now, when they meet again, the past and all the feelings they once had between them come rushing back, making them realize their love has never died. But can they reconcile their new circumstances and the changes that have occurred during the three years they were apart? Neither is the person the other used to know.

Then there is the faceless shadow who hunts them from the dark, driven by obsession and greed…

*This book contains strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.


“Choice?” His voice rose as the ambiguous surprise on his face faded, once he understood. “You’re talking to me about choices? What choice did you give me, Angelina? We could have worked it out, but you took it upon yourself to make my decisions for me without even telling me. You left me like a coward, letting me think you didn’t love me anymore, letting me drown in misery all these years without a word of explanation! I didn’t even know if you were still alive!”
His booming shout almost rattled the windows, and made me absurdly angry.
“Well, you seemed to have recovered quickly, and enough to take a wife!” I screamed back at him, pushing my face close to his. “And I’ll bet that Allie person wasn’t the only one you’ve slept with during all this time!”
“Oh, you’re always quick to judge! Have you lived like a nun since you left me?”
The word vibrated in the abrupt, disbelieving silence.
Next thing I knew, his hand grasped the back of my head and his mouth came down hard on mine. His tongue darted deep inside my mouth, forcing my lips to open, as he yanked me to him in a desperate embrace. It didn’t even occur to me to protest. On the contrary. I responded to his kiss with the blind surrender I yearned for. I swept his mouth with my tongue, thrilling in the masculine taste and scent of him. My fingers plowed through his hair, holding his head in place for our stormy, passionate kiss. Our breaths were shallow and loud, mingling together like swirling steam. Even though our clothes were still wet, heat was radiating from our hot bodies.
His hands were everywhere, cupping my face, sliding all over my body, combing through my damp hair. I trailed my tongue over his jaw, then descended down the skin of his throat, grazing my teeth greedily over him, intoxicated by the avalanche of unleashed desire that had gathered up inside me for three years.
I fumbled with the buttons of his clinging wet shirt, then tore them off impatiently to bare his chest to my eyes and touch. He was superbly built, even more gorgeous than I recalled him to be, all subtle muscles delineated by shallow lines that defined his pectorals and abdomen. His chest was dusted with a perfect amount of dark hair.
I tasted the low sound that vibrated in his chest when my mouth closed over his nipple and sucked greedily. When I flicked my tongue over the other, his fist tightened in my hair and he dragged me back to him, kissing me with increasing urgency. His hands slipped under my wet T-shirt, cupping my breasts. They fit so right in his palms and I moaned, overwhelmed by the pleasure of his knowing touch. He slid the T-shirt over my head and took me in his arms. I pushed my body against his, rubbing my breasts against his bare chest, frantic to feel his naked body close to mine. His hardness pushed against my middle and he drew me closer, cupping my bottom with strong hands, as he continued kissing me hungrily.
He lifted his head and I saw his eyes were smoky with arousal, just as mine must have been. His voice sounded rough when he said, “Do you want to go to the bedroom?”
“No,” I whispered, biting his lower lip and dragging him to the floor.
The rug felt soft and cozy beneath my bare back, and I was thrilled by the feel of Blade’s weight on top of me. He kissed my mouth, my neck, then stopped on my breasts, sucking one nipple deep in his mouth, then moving his attention to the other one. I gasped and struggled with the zipper of his pants. When I folded my fingers around his steely length, we both stopped breathing for a moment.
“God, I want you so much, Blade! You can’t imagine how I’ve longed for you all this time,” I said raggedly.
“Yes, I do. I love you, Angelina,” he whispered raspily. “You are and always will be my woman. Sweet and innocent, yet who inspires sin.”
As he looked down at me, his eyes were filled with love and tenderness, and clouded by primal lust. He tugged at my shorts and panties, and I kicked them aside. Then he discarded the rest of his clothes, remaining gloriously naked. I only had one moment to admire his impressive erection, before he stretched above me. Our bodies fit like the halves of a two-pieces puzzle. I quivered in response to the nearness of this monument of raw sexuality.
He sent his tongue deep inside my mouth, just as he slipped inside me. The throbbing pressure made me tense. After three years of abstinence on my side, I think we both relived the loss of my virginity, but this time I was more than ready. The pain of his penetration was brief, but the pleasure was infinite. I arched my hips up to meet his, as he rocked against me, inside me. He was hesitant at first, mindful of hurting me, but as I relaxed under him, his strokes became more powerful, more possessive. He pushed up hard, until I wrapped my legs around his waist and sank my teeth into his shoulder, shaken by a brain-melting orgasm. I think I cried out his name, but the pounding of my heart was so loud in my ears that I couldn’t be sure. When he felt me tensing around him, Blade sank all of himself into me and came, uttering a low, guttural sound, with his face buried in my neck.

Teaser 2Review

This is a second chance romance with a crap ton of humor thrown in for shits and giggles.  Rat the cat was bloody hilarious.  Ahem, so I was writing out the review.  Blade and Angelina are the starring couple of this short, steamy novel.  I’m not going to recap the series here because it’s recapped way up there in the synopsis and I hate being redundant.  Now, about the book!

First off, and I know this has nothing to do with the actual story, but I had to say, I freaking adore the cover.  I mean seriously!  I have no idea who came up with the idea, or guidelines, or whatever, but the artist did an amazing job putting that together!

Secondly, Angelina is freaking hilarious.  She just is, Melinda De Ross can write some serious humor (…oxymoron there), as in, I fell off my bed laughing, knocking my laptop over.  I also laughed out loud while hanging out with my mother watching tv.  She thought I was nuts.  Blade, I thought, was well-rounded for the length of the novel, although he didn’t really stand out to me.  Except for the sex scenes, of course.  But I’ll discuss those later.  In any case, Angelina and the humor actually made the story for me.

Now then, the actual story.  I felt the novel could have been longer and a bit more drawn out.  This plot idea could have been brilliant but it fell a little short of that.  I also had a few issues with dialog being kind of weird.  Not like the characters were supposed to be weird.  Just the dialog didn’t feel natural to me in some places and that made it a tad jarring when reading.  This oddness also prevailed a bit in the actual writing, but the dialog part really stood out.  And the sex scenes were hot and steamy!  Definitely a plus!

Overall, the story kept me engaged and laughing, and of course, with the hot sex scenes, blushing!  (I’m kidding, sex scenes don’t make me blush, they make me very hot as does this book’s cover!)  With Angelina and Rat the cat, I’d give this story 3.5 stars!

Man touching girl’s ass while kissing. Laying together on Americ

Author Bio

Not long ago, to my surprised delight, somebody described me as being “charming, witty, supremely talented and dangerously fun”. I don’t know how accurate this description is, but I’m curious if the readers will find some of these features reflected in my writing. Speaking of my writing, I must mention that living in Romania – which is considered a projection of the enigmatic and much controversial Shambala, the supposed spiritual center of the Earth – is quite a source of inspiration. I have a native inclination to the occult and paranormal, to mystery and philosophy. The woman in me is a romantic and sensual creature. All these considered, I could describe my writing as being captivating, intriguing, sensual in places and, on the whole, a surreal experience. Enjoy!
Website     Facebook     Amazon     Smashwords


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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Her Men by Ashley Ladd

Her Men - Tour Banner


TITLE – Her Men
AUTHOR – Ashley Ladd
GENRE – Contemporary Erotic Romance
LENTH (Pages/# Words) – 24, 200
PUBLISHER – Totally Bound

Her Men - Book Cover


Forty-four year old Julie Weston has loved Timmy and James since her college days twenty something years ago. She’s fantasized about both all these long years, never able to choose between them.

Hoping Tim and James will attend, she attends their college marching band reunion. When both men show up her dreams are answered. They’re sexier than she imagined and she hopes they won’t be disappointed by her older self.

It turns out both men came just to see her again and neither is happy about the other’s presence. They fight over her, confusing her more than ever. It takes a hot ménage…or two…for her heart to decide which one she’s in love with.




A shadow fell across Julie, waking her up from her nap and a husky voice washed over her. “You’re going to be sorry falling asleep out here. This sun is brutal.”
Groggy, she shaded her eyes and looked up at the shadowy figure in awe. “Timmy, is that you? You’re early.”
He leaned down, his body still sinewy and strong, and held out his hand to her. Nary a wrinkle marred his matured face. Only a few laugh lines fanned out from his eyes which added to his attractiveness. “You, too. Is that a sign?”
She couldn’t help but chuckle. Since when did Tim believe in signs? “A sign?”
“That you want to see me, be with me in private, as I want to see you and be with you in private.”
She swallowed hard and put her hand in his, her heart somersaulting when they touched for the first time in more than thirty years. A maelstrom of emotion washed over her and she didn’t want to mess up what was probably her last chance to be with him, so she wasn’t about to play coy. Slowly, seductively, she licked her lips. “You read my mind.”
As he helped her up his gaze smoldered into her eyes. He dragged her against him and his hard cock rubbed against her. He nipped her ear, then whispered huskily, “Your nipples are puckering against your suit. I’d call that a sign.”
Standing on her tip toes, she replied hoarsely, “Your very hard, very hot cock is pressing into my stomach. That’s another sign.”
He pressed his lips to hers, not plundering but light enough he was able to speak against them, “Then we should do something about all these signs.”


Julie Alexander Weston is the sheriff of her small Indiana town. She’s also an ex-FBI agent with degree in Russian literature. Disenchanted with her current career since she shot and killed a young man in error, she has a new hobby which she hopes to make into a new career—she’s writing and photographing copy table books that she hopes to publish. As accomplished as she is, she’s never stopped loving or dreaming about her college boyfriend and her college best friend. Now that she’s divorced and there’s a college reunion, she attends in the hopes of seeing if any sparks are left with either of them.


If Your Book Were Made Into A Movie – What Songs Would Best Fit The Story On The Big Screen?

Got My Mind Set On You – George Harrison
Father Figure – George Michaels
Hungry Eyes – Eric Carmen
Where Do Broken Hearts Go – Whitney Houston
She’s Like The Wind – Patrick Swayze
Kokomo – Beach Boys
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship
Be My Baby – The Ronettes
Stay – Maurice and the Zodiacs


What to say about her men?  Firstly, let’s talk about the boring stuff.  To start, the writing.  There was some confusion over a spot or two from the way it was written, but other than that Ashley Ladd can write!  Her sentences and descriptions were nicely done and I definitely approve of that.  On the flip side of that, the dream scene was like “wham” graphic for me with no build up to it and sudden move into D&S sex was a shock.  Don’t get me wrong, I love reading some BDSM or D&S type stories.  I do tend to not like the “Master” and “slave” names being used during sex, nor actual name calling.  That kind of bugs me.  I can handle Master and slave names sometimes, depending on how it is set up.  Name calling, no.  I feel that makes the encounter more about sex with a person they care nothing about versus an actually story about any sort of love or caring.  Ya know?

I’ve gotten off topic, I apologize. It wasn’t a horrible scene or anything.  It was written very well as a sex scene, even if the words the heroine of our story used made me blush.  So yeah, nicely done scene, with elements I’d preferred not to have in it?  Does that make sense?

As for the characters, Julie was likable in her interaction with her friend Connie and when she speaks with ‘her men’.  (Although I found her as naughty minded in bed with her words as the men!)  I find her fantasies a little… hurried.  Tim and James were also nicely done in that you can’t help but like them.

Also, maybe it’s just me, in some erotica there seems to be some… odd notions about things.  I don’t know how to explain without sounding picky or mean or give away spoilers, all of which are no-nos in my rule book.  So let’s just leave it as there were a few of my ‘erotica’ pet peeves in the story and leave it at that.

Overall, the story well quite well done for its length.  Nicely written.  Good, strong and likable characters.  Sex thoughts or actions throughout most of the story like you’d expect in the genre.  If you add those to my issues I’ve already mentioned above, which do not detract from the story, I’d give this story a solid 3 stars!


Ashley Ladd lives in South Florida with her husband, five children, and beloved pets. She loves the water, animals (especially cats), and playing on the computer.

She’s been told she has a wicked sense of humour and often incorporates humour and adventure into her books. She also adores very spicy romance, which she weaves into her stories.




When did you start writing?

I began writing as soon as I learned how to read and write – about age five or six. I was always writing stories when I was growing up – mainly for my dad but I entered a couple into writing competitions.

What made you decide to start becoming a published author?

Ever since I watched Superman with Lois Lane I wanted to be a published journalist like her. And when I discovered Harlequin romances when I was a teenager I knew I wanted to write some of my own.

I wrote my first Harlequin-type romance when I was in college back in the late 1980’s. That one was never published, Surprise surprise.

Which authors inspired you?

A lot of the original Harlequin authors: Anne Mathers, Violet Winspear, Margaret Rome, Anne Hampson, Carole Mortimer, Flora Kidd.

Which are your favorite authors at the moment?

Sherryl Woods, Stephen King, and Stephen White.

Which genre do you generally write in?

Contemporary romance, often romantic comedy. Within that I have different romantic couplings: mf/mm/mfm/mmf/mmm.

How many unpublished stories do you have?

Only two, or three if you count my work in progress. That’s not bad knowing I’ve had about 74 published stories.

What have you written?

It’s a very long list – about 74 published romances. My recent ones are: Cooking Up A Storm, Business or Pleasure, Her Men, and Spooky Sojourn and Pretend Lover are coming soon. A couple of my bestsellers are American Beauty, Purrfect Justice, The Perfect Gift, and Pirate’s Booty.

What are you working on at this moment?

Gaycation” which is an MMF about Molly who is an erotic MM romance writer who takes her vacation to attend a gay convention so she can get more story ideas. When her day job boss shows up (she’s still in the closet about her writing) at the same convention, she gets way more than she bargained for.

What is your favorite type of hero/protagonist to write?  Bad boys?  Damaged men?  The boy next door?  The sensitive soul?

I love men like Indiana Jones and Rick O’Connell from The Mummy. I also loved Shang Li in Mulan and Alex Hopper in Battleship. I’m not sure what classification they’d be or if they’re in different categories. They’re all good men so not bad boys – except for maybe Alex Hopper. I guess you’d say adventurists. In addition, I loved Kevin in 27 Dresses who is a smart-aleck. Hmmm. I guess all of the heroes I mentioned are smart alecks at some point.

What is your favorite type of heroine/protagonist to write?  Feisty women?  Strong women?  Weak women? Flighty women?

Strong women like ‘Mulan’ who saves her hero and her country from the Huns or like Samantha in ‘Battleship’ who thwarts the invading aliens and helps to save the world. They’re still very feminine but strong, intelligent, determined women on a mission.

Julie in my recent release ‘Her Men’ is an ex-FBI agent who is currently the sheriff of her hometown in Indiana. Deanna in my upcoming release ‘Spooky Sojourn’ is the general manager of her city-sized hotel.

How hard is it to research for your novels?

It depends on the novel. During ‘Pretend Lover’ and ‘Spooky Sojourn’ I was constantly researching hotels and hotel life from the perspective of the employees.

How is your day structured to include writing?

I work a full-time 40 plus hour job weekly so it’s tough. It’s even more difficult lately since I’ve been promoting four books that are releasing back to back to back.

When I’m not doing a lot of promotion, I get to write 2-3 hours nightly after I get home from work and finish dinner for my large family. Unfortunately, I’ve been using my writing time for promotion the last couple months: writing guest posts, conducting interviews, finding new hosts for my blog tours, Facebook parties, etc.

Do you write from an outline or just where the story and characters take you?

I’m pretty much of a pantser. I start with an extremely loose outline, knowing the beginning, ending, and a few high points in the middle and I go from there. When I outline too tightly, I feel stifled, as if I’ve already written the story.

Do you get the dreaded writer’s block and how do you combat it?

Unfortunately, I have. I didn’t write for almost two years until recently.

Now, if I get blocked I will re-read and edit what I’ve done in the story so I can bump myself into action again. I’ll also research new ideas or the general story theme as I go if I get stuck.

Do you prefer to read ebooks or paper books?

Ebooks! I feel like I’m on the Starship Enterprise in the future when I use my ebook reader. Also, I’m able to adjust the type for my aging eyes. And I can carry around a huge library on my phone and no one can see the cover and make comments on my reading choice. I also enjoy being able to download a book onto my phone from just about anywhere, anytime.

What TV shows & Movies are your favorite?  Or the genre you prefer?

TV: I love love love ‘The Big Band Theory’ and I get cranky if I don’t get to see at least a couple episodes a day. I also enjoy watching ‘Love It or List It’ on HGTV (which drives my husband crazy as he feels our home is too small to do anything to, so that I’m wasting my time watching it). In addition, I like the cooking contests and restaurant makeovers and hidden camera shows on Food Network. Finally, I’m enjoying the new series ‘Forever’ about the coroner who keeps dying and coming back to life. Oh! And Star Trek!

Movies: Mulan, Battleship, The Mummy, While You Were Sleeping, Pillow Talk, 27 Dresses, the Indiana Jones movies, Star Trek movies.

(Blogger Asside Here:  Forever is freaking AWESOME!!)

How many proofreaders/editors do you use before publishing your work?

My publisher provides one primary editor and I don’t know how many proofreaders. I know that after my editor edits my work it goes through line edits and final line edits and sometimes the executive editor will get involved.

Do you have input in your covers?  Who designs them?

My publisher gives me a cover questionnaire on which I describe my heroes and heroines as well as scenery and any scenes I think would be good to show on the cover. Emmy Ellis is the cover artist at Totally Bound which is where my current story is published.

What are your thoughts on good & bad reviews?  (We aren’t counting bashing reviews, simply negative reviews that are respectful)

I’ve read various trains of thought about this. When the reviews provide reasons why they liked or disliked the story that’s very helpful insight to help me when writing future stories. I appreciate the suggestions as long as they are stated respectfully.

Although I would love to garner all five star reviews, or at least all four and five star reviews, that may not seem realistic to readers. They may suspect that only friends and family are providing the reviews. As much as I dislike one and two star reviews, I’ve read that they generate a lot of interest for a book. They pique readers’ curiosity and they often want to see if they agree with the rating. Thus low reviews don’t necessarily kill a book. No promotion (aka no reviews) is much worse than a poor review. (I hope.)

How do you relax?  Or activities you use to relax?

I love to go the movies and watch stories on the big, silver screen. I was really in a movie mood last night and so I dragged my daughter to see the new Jason Bateman/Jane Fonda movie at our local theater.

What is your favorite quote?

Live long and prosper by Spock. I’m a huge Trekkie.

But I also love Marion’s line in Raider’s of the Lost Ark when she sees Indy for the first time in years Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.

Is there anyone who supports you that you couldn’t do without?

My biggest supporter is my editor at Totally Bound, Faith. She’s awesome. She provides a lot of encouragement and praises my work a lot.

Unfortunately, my family is not supportive. They feel that my writing and promotion takes time away from them. Also my adult children are embarrassed by romance much less erotic romance, so they like to ignore it.

That said, my dad was very supportive of my writing. Unfortunately, he is suffering from dementia now so I’ve lost that support network.

What is the most blatant lie you’ve ever told?

Wow! What a question. I guess it’s when I refer to my oldest child as “he” at my day job instead of “she”. My oldest child is transgender female. She actually used to work with me and a lot of my coworkers still ask how “he” is doing. Or when I talk about “her” while I’m in my office surrounded by twelve other people, I will say “him” or use her former male name. As you can see, it’s all very confusing and I slip up sometimes. I’ve told my closest friends at work about her gender change, but I’m afraid my employers and coworkers as a whole will not understand. I told one ex-friend at work about her change, and she stopped going to lunch with me or being friendly, as if it’s my decision and as if I have input on my daughter’s decision which I don’t. This is a 30 something year old adult who is paying all her own medical bills and living expenses who made the change.

(Blogger Aside:  I’m happy to read this post – not the hiding it part – but it kind of lets others know about the issue.  And that friend who stopped being your friend?  How ridiculous!  I have had an online friend going through the whole thing once.  And he is definitely male in mind and now in body.  When he was still female, during IM conversations and such with her, I kept saying him because the tone of his IMs were masculine to me.  (If you can’t tell the gender based off text, this might not make sense to some of you, but those who are good at it like me will understand what I mean.).  So to me, he has always really been male.  Luckily, he kept his name which fit a man or a woman.  And he’s happy now the way he is.  They can’t help what they feel they are (and I believe they are in mind what gender they choose) and it’s bloody stupid to act on such blatant bias against them!  Ahem, sorry.  Bigotry of any form ticks me off.  On with the interview!)

Do you feel upset if you kill off one of your main characters?

Since I write romance I only kill off villains, never the protagonists and rarely their good supporting characters. Except for once when I blew up Earth (Eternal Damnation) and I felt pretty horrible committing genocide. I have to remind myself, however, that it was really the evil space vampire who did the slaughter, not me.

And then I redeemed him by going more than a thousand years into the past in the sequel where love saved him so that in the new future, he no longer blows up Earth.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee (although honestly I drink very little and then only pumpkin spiced coffee).

How do you take your coffee?

Pumpkin spiced only so I usually only drink this in the Autumn. Usually I drink diet Pepsi.

Starbucks or Seattle’s Best?  Or what IS your favorite coffee shop?


If you don’t drink coffee, what the HECK do you do to stay motivated without THE best beverage known to man?

I drink tons of diet Pepsi – so much that not only my family but my friends are on my back to go cold turkey or at least to cut WAY back.

If you don’t drink coffee, what is WRONG with you, woman/man!?!  (I’m teasing, really… although if you hate coffee you might have a screw loose… *hee*  I love you!!)

I’m an addict! To diet cola. I crave it. But when I drink coffee it has to have pumpkin spice or at least tons of milk and sugar.

How many cats do you own?

Four – I’m a crazy cat lady wanna be. I would adopt more if I could afford them. Even if I could afford more, I can’t take any more in as my family has threatened to walk if I bring one more animal home. The funny thing about that is that when we found a kitten under our house last year, it was my daughters who brought her in, nursed her to health, and demanded we keep her (which we did).

As a Trekkie, do you go to conventions?  Perhaps speak Klingon?  Or simply just love the Star Trek universe?   

I’ve never been to a Star Trek convention although I’d love to go. I was supposed to go to one on a date thirty something years ago and my date canceled. I was really disappointed.

Unfortunately, I don’t know a word of Klingon. The only second language I know is shorthand. Does that count as a language?

But I watch Star Trek a lot.

(I’m not really making fun, I’m an anime fangirl and some of the people that go to those conventions are as dedicated as Trekkies.  ^_^)

Do you write about military men and women because it is something you’re very familiar with as an Air Force vet, kind of like the old adage, write what you know?  Or you just REALLY like the military men and women?

Both. I tend to write about what I know whether it’s military characters or something else. However, I really admire military men and women and they also fascinate me (especially the men). My favorite movie is “Mulan”. I know it’s a cartoon, but the heroine goes into the military to save her father and after struggling to learn how to fight she ends up kicking all the men’s butts and saving the man she loves – as well as saving her country. It’s the perfect story (for me anyway).

(I’d like to take the time here to say thanks for your service to our country!!  I sincerely support our military and have the utmost respect for anyone who can survive serving (and I don’t mean death in war and such, I mean the actual training, because I am a super wimp).)

Lastly, how does your life experiences show up in your stories?

In many ways.

In my March 2015 release ‘Pretend Lover’, the heroine has a cleft palate like me. It’s not a pivotal story point as frankly, it hasn’t made a big difference in my life since I was a child taking weekly speech classes and going through many surgeries.

In ‘Self Defense’ the hero is an ex-soldier with hearing loss which does make a big impact on his life. I’m also former Air Force with hearing loss. I based his character a lot on me.

Sometimes funny things my kids do work their way into my stories too. When my oldest child was in high school she hacked into the school’s computer system and changed the vice principal’s password to “Jack Ass”. I’m not condoning her actions and I was scared to death when I was first told—uh hum—threatened that my child might be slapped with a felony offense (if it turned out she had damaged the school’s computers which fortunately she didn’t). Although I was mortified, everybody else laughed their asses off when I told the story. And wouldn’t you know? The school turned around and hired my daughter to work on their computer system after she got off school in the afternoons – for pay. I guess they couldn’t have been too mad. That scenario became the basis for one of my stories – alas out of publication. It was a good one.

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Coffee or Tea?

Coffee but only Pumpkin spice and only once in a blue moon. I usually drink Diet Coke

Movies or Books?

Do I have to decide? I love both so much

Rock or Country Music?


Fiction or Non-Fiction?


Write with clear outline or just guidelines?


Bad boys or Boy-next-doors?

Boy next doors

Strong women or vulnerable women characters?

Strong women

Facebook or Twitter?


Male or Female Friends?

I have both but I have more female friends

Dogs or Cats?



Favorite Beverages

Dunkin Donuts strawberry coolata

Strawberry daiquiri

Diet Pepsi

Diet Root Beer

Root Beer Floats

Milk (white)

Apple Juice

Apple cider

Strawberry milk shakes

Pumpkin spice coffee


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